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Beitrittsdatum: 18. Nov. 2018


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IT-Consultant, Smart Solutions Architect and Business Developer with 30 years of professional experience. Founder of Bloonando, Enapso and jWebSocket, specialist author and speaker at international conferences, team leader, product and project manager, Scrum Master (CSM) and trainer for IT specialists, trainer, mentor and IT coach, full stack developer with various programming languages, databases, semantic web, security and communication technologies, expertise in enterprise resource management (ERP), computer aided design (CAD), application development and software development.

Currently active in the areas of smart systems, intelligent chat bots, digitalization and industry 4.0, knowledge and requirements management, process modelling, strategy and planning systems, integration of enterprise applications and process automation, big data and machine learning (ML), multi-agent systems (MAS) and artificial intelligence (AI), especially AI-based software automation (smart development) as well as semantic profile and matching systems for the improvement and individualization of result sets.

Searching for innovative IT projects and strategic partnerships in the areas of smart solutions, man-machine interaction, digitalization and artificial intelligence. A network of experts from different disciplines is available.

Alexander Schulze

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